Ramat Services

Stone Restoration & Floor Cleaning



Restore your marble flooring with our cleaning services. At Ramat Services, we have professionals who can clean and restore your marble flooring to its original, beautiful state.

Our quality of professionals can seal and restore any marble surface that is dull, stained, chipped, or damaged.
"We are your best choice" when you wish to restore your floor such us: cleaning, polishing, gritting, we leave hone or shine. Contact Us to schedule a FREE consultation on our services.


Ceramic Tile

Do you realize your floors are starting to lose their shine? Ramat Services can help you to clean, seal, and restore your tile and grout surfaces to make them look as good as new.
"We are your best choice" cleaning and sealing tile floors, shower floors, shower walls and other surfaces. Contact Us  to schedule a FREE consultation on our services.





Your concrete flooring will have a smooth finish with our polishing services. The professionals at Ramat Services will restore and polish your concrete flooring, leaving it with a beautiful glossy finish.
Twister pads are quickly becoming the most effecient material when it comes to leaving your concrete polished. Polished concrete flooring is as durable as any other beautiful flooring. Such as marble, travertine, or coated concrete flooring.

Ramat Services will make sure that your polished concrete will always be ready and looking its best, as well as very resistant.  "We are your best choice" when you wish to restore your floor, such as: cleaning, polishing and giving it a beautiful shine. Contact Us to schedule a FREE consultation on our services.


Enjoy your travertine flooring with our Stone Restoration and Cleaning . You can count on the professionals at Ramat Services to clean, hone or polish, fill your holes, repair and seal your travertine flooring efficiently.

We can also custom finish your travertine to your needs and choice. Trust our experts to provide you with the right solutions for your travertine problems.
"We are your best choice" when you wish, restore your floor, such us: cleaning, polishing, gritting, we leave hone or shine. Contact Us to schedule a FREE consultation on our services.